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    • Lisscode Facial Treatment Massager

    Lisscode Facial Treatment Massager

    A complete skin care regimen in just 10 minutes.

    • Deep Cleansing :
      42°CThermal cleansing skincare | Deep Cleansing
    • Moisturizing:
    42°C Thermal moisturizing | Powerful moisturizing

    How to improve your skin’s absorbency of skincare products?

    Use Lisscode’s facial treatment massager to induct the serum.

    At 42°C, Micro Current Technology improves your skin’s absorbency up to 60% and also increases skin’s moisture content.

    • Massaging:
    42°C Thermal Ionic Massage | Moisturizing Massage

    Use Lisscode’s facial treatment massager with lotion, choose the level of sonic vibration, set the inductor head at 42°C, and the sonic vibration will activate blood circulation, so even a larger molecule cream can moisturize the skin more effectively.

    • Shriking Pore Size:
    10 °C Cooling Skincare

    An easy way to experience an ice-cold effect

    Shrinking skin pores with the 10°C inductor head.

    This cold treatment also helps reducing inflammation and swelling after acne removal.

    • Skin-Friendly Design:
    Titanium (Ti) was used as the catalyst for creating our skin care product.
    The inert titanium alloy
    The inert metallic element titanium is perfect for a wide variety of skin care products.
    It does not react chemically with the active ingredients, making it one of the best and most simple elements for skin contact.

    About Lisscode™ Facial Treatment Massager

    Case Material | Plastic (ABS)
    Dimensions | 54.5 (W) x 42.7 (D) x 158 (H) mm
    Weight | 148.6g
    Battery Type | Lithium-ion Battery
    Skin care head Material | Titanium alloy
    place of production | Designed and manufactured in Taiwan
    Package Contents | Main Device/Cotton Pad Attaching Ring/Power Charging Cable/Pouch

    Documentation Download